Group 3D printing

1.13D print of details
1.23D printing of architectural models
1.3Photographing of broken plastic details and making copies from ABS
1.4Development of small series of details from ABS

Group Drawings

2.1Making drawings from a hard copy in AutoCAD (dwg.)
2.2Drawing of schemes, figures, diagrams, tables, graphics
2.3Drawing of evacuation schemes
2.4Drawing of machine and technical drawings
2.5Development and drawing of course and diploma papers
2.6Vizualization of product articles for advertising, presentation and publication in web sites.

Group design of assembled units and mechanisms

3.1Design of assembled units and mecahnisms
3.2Photographing of details and creation of 3D models from finished units for production of CNC machines
3.3Development of articles and development of working drawings and technical documentation
3.4Design and drawing of details in 3D form for development of matrices and press-forms from plastics and aluminium for serial production
3.5Drawing of sketches and contours in a vector form and preparation of files for lazer cutting and deflection.
3.6Design and vizualization of metal constructions-fences, protection fences, shelters, stairs and other constructive or decorative elements.

Group Architecture

4.1Drawing of architectural drawings from a hard copy in AutoCAD
4.2Development of complete architectural designs
4.33D modelling of buildings from provided plans, sections and facades.
4.4Development of preliminary designs and 3D vizualizations

Group interior design

5.1Development of complete interior designs
5.23D vizualization for future repair activities
5.3Construction and vizualization of furniture
5.4Development of working drawings, bills of quantiries and cutting out for production of furniture.


6.1Making simulations for illumination of interior and exterior sites
6.2Проектиране и визуализация на паметници и надгробни плочи.
6.3Organization on realization of the finished projects
6.4Constructor All in one
Constructor All in one


Constructor All in one

Advantages of the service:
“Hired constructor”
1. The Principal hereby shall assign and I shall implement anything which is within my competence and which falls within the scope of the services on design, which I offer, against a salary per month.
2. The Principal may terminate our joint cooperation any time.
3. The Principal shall not engage himself to offer me a labour contract.
4. The principal shall not have a personnel, when he doesn't need this.
5. The Principal shall not make further costs for my social securities.
6. The Principal should not provide me with a working place and working conditions.
7. I shall issue an invoice for the service I offer.
8. The Principal shall have available constructor with specific experience, who has developed more than 1000 theoretic projects (course and diploma papers) and hundreds finished real projects.
9.The Principal shall have available constructor, who was trusted from Bulgarian national bank, Bulgarian academy of science, the National lottery, associated professors and professors in the country as well as many other companies with different types of projects.

10. The principal shall have a constructor, who has a protected patent for a utility model and industrial design for innovative product at the Patent office of Republic of Bulgaria.
11. The Principal can rely on 100% guarantee for correctness and confidentiality on my behalf- orally or by a bilateral contract.
12. There is an option for negotiation of conditions in case of a continuous engagement.
13. Opportunity for meetings and taking dimensions in case of continuous engagements.
14. I shall implement all requirements of the Principal regardless of their nature and the number of the corections without the moment of “this is not included in the price”

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